DAE News: September 8, 2003


  • Come and see the show!
  • Auction and raffle news
  • Volunteer!
  • As the Shoe Points
  • Less than two weeks to go until the show (and in the auction - have you checked out the gorgeous stuff?). We've also got a special ticket discount for early purchases on the web site only. Here's the news.

    Come and see the show!

    Why do you think we've been working this hard? Please note that the procedure to get tickets is different than usual this year; we are not handling the regular box office, the theater is. It's not complicated, just different. We've even got a special WEB SITE ONLY offer for those of you that like a bargain (and who doesn't?)

    Want more information about the show? Want to know a little more about the theater, where it is, how to get there, where to eat before or after? We've got FAQs (frequently asked questions) right here. www.danceasever.org/DAEconcerts.htm#faqs.

    Want to go, but don't have anyone to go with? We've got hosts! Email us and we'll hook you up with someone arranging a dinner beforehand - you'll have someone to chat with and see the show as well.

    Auction and raffle news

    I've got to put in a good word for our fundraising raffle. It's got amazing prizes and others continue to be added. We may have lots of cool prizes for knitters, but there are fabulous (and high value prizes) that everyone would crave. Did you know our top prize, a week in a luxury time share, is valued at more than $1000? We've got a $150 gift certificate from the B.R. Guest restaurants in NYC and plenty of other goodies. And unlike huge sweepstakes, you really have a chance of winning. Not a bad deal at $5 a chance. See our raffle page for more information (www.danceasever.org/DAEraffle.htm).

    While shawls in our auction have excited a lot of interest, there are plenty of items waiting to be snapped up. Don't miss our selection of hats, especially now that two new ones from Margo Lynn Hablutzel have been added. And our Fabulous Auction Coordinator, Mary LoSardo, is too modest to mention her own wonderful hat, which has gone unbidden. I am not too modest to mention mine. DON'T YOU LOVE ME? BID ON MY HAT!!! There are sweaters to snap up (gorgeous ones from Joan Schrouder and Melissa Leapman among them!) and cooler weather is coming. New items are on the site as well, including the most beautiful baby set from Linda "K" that arrived right out of the blue. So check out the overlooked masterpieces on our auction page and place your bids now (www.danceasever.org/DAEauction.htm). You've only got 13 days left!


    ! Want to do something besides write a check? There's plenty of help we need, backstage, front of house and before the show, from helping out at the auction tables to hosting a dinner before the show or offering a spare room to a clean, friendly technical director or videographer for a few nights. There's a full list of volunteer opportunities at http://www.danceasever.org/DAEgetin.htm#volunteerhelp. What we need most right now are people to help get the word out about the show. Can you get some posters and flyers and put them in your neighborhood?

    As the Shoe Points

    Galina Ulanova once said, "Talent is Work." I'll add a corollary to that: Talent is Scheduling. I've got six dancers, two guest artists, a composer, lighting, costume, set designers and a string quartet to get into the same room at the time needed. Most of them have conflicting demands on their time. As usual, it's the hardest aspect of the production. I had a full cast on Friday and was going to finish The New Rome, but then Abe got nauseous and had to go home (he's fine now). We're going to try and finish today, I moved that rehearsal forward 90 minutes to accommodate Sarah's work schedule. This has shortchanged Rideau the most; scheduling is a process of triage, the ballet without the steps gets attention first.

    Like every other ballet of mine, The New Rome was formed irrevocably by the dancers in it. The two women in it (Liz and Sarah) contrast interestingly. Sarah's dancing has more attack, Liz' dancing is all about stability. Her torso is like a golden rectangle that maintains shape in all movements. That quality became a moment in the ballet that's a re-written Rose Adagio; she promenades with changing partners, but the partners catch her after she hits the balance (because she can, that's why.) I'm trying to bring out a Juno-esque quality in her dancing: Stability, but also authority.

    Sarah's strong point has always been her facility - feet and flexibility. She gets more extreme poses than Liz; the way Liz has to maintain hers is what's pushed in her sections. Sarah's also more airborne, Liz more terre.

    It's been a long time since I had three men to choreograph on (1999 was the last time) and it's great fun. Contrary to myth and a joy to me, these men are a delight and it's even more of a pleasant surprise since two of them (Robert Rosario and Peter Snow) are new to me. They both are funny and good-natured, as well as being good dancers. Peter was also born after I got my first dance job. Good grief. My last assignment to him? He was to Google "Rula Lenska". Well, everyone should know who she was; she was an International Film Star.

    I worked with the other Peter (Boal) also this week; we resuscitated A Shropshire Lad, which did not take very long as he had danced it in January. He's working on his own independent project for the Joyce and Jacob's Pillow next year, so there was a lot to commiserate on.

    So now it really is the home stretch. Finish The New Rome. Clean the ballets. Type the program. Coordinate the musicians. Distribute posters and postcards (we have gorgeous ones, anybody need any to put up where potential audiences might lurk?). Make press kits. Write newsletter. Work at other (paying) job. Figure out how to arrange finances to guarantee payroll. Talent is work. Talent is scheduling. Talent is organization. If you can't muster those, don't talk to me about inspiration.

    See you next week!

    As ever,


    Leigh Witchel [dae@panix.com]

    Alexandra Ansanelli and Peter Boal perform with Dance as Ever 9/18-21, 2003 at the Theatre of the Riverside Church, New York, NY. For more information visit http://www.danceasever.org.

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