DAE News: September 23, 2002


It's fall! Here's what's happening at Dance as Ever:

Auction News!

We've got a magnificent new item by the editor of Knitters magazine! Rick Mondragon has generously donated a magnificent, extravagant wrap in hand-dyed desert-toned yarn. Shawl weather is around the corner; we've got several gorgeous ones all hovering around their opening bids. Most are worth that much in yarn alone, so swoop in and stake your claim!

Have you gotten your raffle tickets yet?

They went out in the mail last week. This year, the grand prize is a week in a timeshare (your choice of one of over a thousand luxury timeshares in the Interval international Network) and accommodations are for up to six people. Full details are at the website. Take a chance and help make ballet happen! Need tickets? You can either email me or print them out right from our site (we have .pdf file you can download and print).

See us for FREE!

We'd love to have you at our open demonstration on Sunday, September 29. Come to a special event designed to take a closer look inside the lives of professional dancers. Join us that afternoon at a studio in midtown Manhattan. I'll be there with members of the company to give a behind-the-scenes look at "A Dancer's Day". We'll show you what classes and rehearsals are like, how we make new ballets and teach old ones.

This program is especially geared to newer dance lovers and also children (suggested age 7 and up; it's about an hour long, with refreshments after). Admission is free, but space is limited, PLEASE RSVP at 212 780-3413 or dae@panix.com for full details on admission! Priority for seating will go to friends of the company at Supporter level and up, but as of now, there's room, and we'd love to have you there, especially if you've never seen how dancers work.

Benefits for friends of the company!

Did you know that helping Dance as Ever comes with cool perks even if you're not local?

  • All company Friends ($50 and up) can take advantage of our "Bring a Friend" discount. Purchase two tickets in advance, get a third free.
  • Supporters ($100 and up) -- along with an invitation to the event on 9/29 (see above) you get our fabulous 100% cotton T-Shirt with the Dance as Ever logo.
  • Patrons ($175 and up) get invited to the "sneak preview" on October 7, where the company, including Peter Boal, performs excerpts from the concert, and also your choice of Dance as Ever concert video.
  • Benefactors ($250 and up) are also invited to our post performance reception after the October 19th performance.
  • And you can do it all via credit card online. Just go to our website for more details.


    I need somebody. Help. Not just anybody. Won't you pleeeeease, please help me label postcards?

    And other things too! Here's what we need help with:

    Mailing - Thursday and Friday nights after 7 pm at our office. Can you help for an hour or two?

    Hospitality/lodging - We really need help on this. I know how precious space and privacy is in NYC, but if you've got a spare room, I truly need places for the lighting designer, Jeff Salzberg, to stay (more extended, but it can be in portions; we'd especially love hospitality from Wednesday, October 16 to Sunday the 20th or the 21st to the 23rd) and the videographer, Amy Reusch (October 18 and 19). Hospitality for a portion of their stay rather than the full time is quite welcome.

    Front of house - We need two people per performance night to do box office and also auction raffle table. See the show for free!

    As The Shoe Points.

    Putting things together in September has meant mailings for me. Lots of mailings. Press releases, post cards, invitations, packages. I have reestablished an intimate relationship with the postage meter and the Xerox machine.

    While I'm doing office tasks, Matt is making scenery (a wooden fence for "Word Become Flesh", a curtain for the new Debussy work). David is making the costumes and bringing the dancers in for fittings. Ariane and Eddie have met several times to go over "Equilibrium" and discuss how it should be played. Amy and Jeff are looking at the ballets on video for information on how to light and film them. And the dancers? They're mostly occupied on other things. Peter is getting ready to go to London to dance "In the Night" and "Duo Concertant", Abe is rehearsing another performance, Mary and Morgan are teaching, Sarah's taking classes and working, and Christina is going to get married this weekend!

    Peter and I rehearsed Equilibrium last Thursday and Ariane dropped by to see the work danced for the first time. Because she had a rehearsal nearby immediately afterwards, she brought her cello with her but was only there to watch, not play. She watched Peter dance the work to a recording once to make her own observations, then decided on the spur of the moment to take out her cello and play a few sections to check tempos. I've so rarely gotten to have my choreography danced to live music, last year's solo to koto was the first time. I can't tell you what it felt like to have Ariane take out her cello and fill, absolutely fill the studio with these rich, woody sounds. Eddie (the composer) walked in just then, and we both got to watch and listen. It was like the first time I saw Peter do "Shropshire Lad" fully in 2000. Until the piece was complete, he did not dance full out, and then one afternoon when the work was completed he suddenly *did* it. For an audience of one. Me. It was like a casual miracle. I only wish I could share experiences like that with all of you.

    More next week, come to the demonstration on Sunday if you can. It's free!

    As Ever,


    Leigh Witchel [dae@panix.com]

    Peter Boal performs with Dance as Ever 10/17-20, 2002 at the John Jay College Theater, NYC. For more information, visit http://www.danceasever.org

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