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Oh my. We open in ten days. It's only starting to sink in. Why am I calm?


I have one urgent concern right now - I've found housing for the videographer and for the production manager until the 19th. . .but he's here until the 27th. Can anyone offer a place to stay for any of the remaining time? Please feel welcome to offer for a portion of the time if you can't manage the full period. I just don't want him out on the street.


Here are a few for the Auction/Raffle/Bazaar, for helping out and everything you needed to know about buying tickets.


It's not on the page yet, but Mary Losardo is working on photographing a new clock we got from Arnold van Fossen that is. . .is. . .well, it's indescribable. Let's just say we all took pause to marvel at its exuberance. For those of you who like Pokémon, this one is a must-bid. It took a whole lot of Happy Meals to make this one. Stay tuned for this one and check out the other items at http://members.aol.com/auction.htm

Saturday, September 22 by email. THAT'S THE WEEK AFTER NEXT. You can make final bids at the Sunday, September 23 matinee of Dance as Ever. Email bidders may also give me instructions to increase bids if a higher bid comes in at the show. Iíll rebid for you in $5 increments until I reach your top bid.

EVERYTHING! Everyone is using their E-bay strategy of pouncing at the last minute! Come on folks! BID BID BID! There are glorious socks, shawls and scarves languishing there! Whatsa matter? You don't LIKE these selfless knitters anymore, toiling in their miserable hovels knitting their fingers to tiny bloody STUMPS with their only happiness, the only tiny ray of sunshine in their lives being the possibility that YOU might pay a decent price in this auction to help make ballets possible.

I am your mother. Eat. There are children starving in Asia.

Not everything is knitted! You should see the gorgeous silk evening wrap by Yvette Adonai. Or the denim jacket assemblage by Arnold van Fossen.


Consider the bazaar, where most of the items are $50 and under and there's no bidding!

The bazaar is going to stay open even after the auction closes. Check it out for hand knit Christmas gifts with no effort! Bazaar items will also be at the show for purchase during intermissions of the show AND you save $5 shipping per item! Weíll take cash or checks at the show.

Because the auction, raffle and bazaar raised over 10% of our total budget last year. It makes dance happen, and we need you. So bid. You'll feel so good after you do it.

I am your rabbi. You just thought I was your mother.


Weíve got cool non-knitting prizes this year. A gift certificate for dinner at BR Guest Restaurants (there are six different ones in New York City), just arrived, a vet visit in NYC for your cat or dog, a knapsack and other items from Gaynor Minden. . .stuff you donít need to be a knitter to enjoy! Of course if you are a knitter, have we got stuff for you!

We draw the winning tickets at the last intermission of the Sunday, September 23 show.

I have to receive them in the mail by Saturday, September 22, preferably earlier!

Email me promptly. If you know exactly how many you want, and theyíre for you (rather than to be sold), we can save steps. Send me the check for the amount you want, Iíll fill them out and mail you the stubs.


Yes, we could use a few more people, especially to help with load-in and getting ready in the daytime on Tuesday and Wednesday, but we also need people for front of house work. Email me if you're interested.

You can still help. Tell people about the show. Encourage people to see it. Ask me for postcards and distribute them. Theaters get filled one person at a time, by word of mouth.


That depends! I never go to the opening night of anything myself, but Thursday is selling very well, because it doesnít conflict with weekend plans. The dancers are hitting their stride by Friday. Saturday night is often the most crowded (and we'll be having a small reception after that show, so if you want to meet the cast, that's your night). If you have a long way to travel or don't like travelling at night, youíre a knitter (or an Auction Vulture who likes to swoop in and outbid, and we have a few, warning!!) Sunday matinee is your day.

No. But I appreciate it if you do ESPECIALLY if you are coming as a guest of the company; it helps me to anticipate how many people will be there. You can do it via email or by calling 212.780.3413

No problem.

I canít guarantee it, but there almost always are. Saturday will probably be the most crowded night, so consider the others as well.

Cash is FAR AND AWAY easiest. The box office really isnít equipped to take credit cards or checks, although I have seen them do it in emergencies.

I would say kid-neutral. There's nothing that has a mature subject matter, but there is also nothing specifically aimed at children. There's great dancing and beautiful costumes, though. If they can sit quietly for the ballets (that's 20 minutes at a time), by all means bring them, I think they'll enjoy themselves.

Yes, but allow yourself time to arrive at least 45 minutes before the show. The wheelchair entrance is in the central courtyard of the University and security needs to be called for assistance. For more information, call the theater box office at 212 346-1715.


Since I haven't gotten a frantic call from Parma, I think Peter made it through all three performances of Ballo della Regina intact. Three more of Dances at a Gathering to go, and yes, every day at about 2 p.m. my time I hold my breath.

Everything speeds up and collides right now. Things are unnaturally calm in the studio, and we're moving towards the completion of all the ballets. We've got three minutes of choreography to go in total; with eight days of rehearsal left before we go into the theater, that's ahead of schedule. But now there's the reality of all the other elements. It's not a dance that takes place in the studio. Costumes need to be fitted. Shoes need to be sewn and dyed. Lights need to be rented and hung. Sets need to be built and painted. A crew needs to be hired. And when the dancers go into the theater for the first time and deal with lights that may blind them or a theater so dark they find themselves falling backwards, the security of the studio seems far away. So I'm trying to bank on that extra cushion of time we've accumulated here, because when we get in the theater we're never going to feel prepared enough.


I can't believe I'm still knitting at this point. I'm usually so far gone by now. Instead, I've completed one sweater and have another one nearly done. I'm also going to my local guild's luncheon (the Big Apple Knitting Guild. Yes, there is such a thing) and it looks like I'll be helping to emcee the fashion show. . .this request goes out to all my pretty female friends. They've asked me to help find models for the show. It's a good time, but it's a volunteer gig. They feed you well and tell you you're wonderful, you get to watch me extemporize madly. I think they need different body types, and the luncheon is from 12-3 on Saturday, September 15. Let me know if you'd like to do it and I'll put you in touch!

Other good news. I'm participating in Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet's Choreoplan, making a ballet to be performed in Harrisburg, PA at the end of October. Mark your calendars!

More next week!

As ever!


If youíd like to be on a mailing list for my knitting writing or one for dance writing, just let me know. If you're not on our postal mailing list and want to get this year's cool card with Peter Boal on it, email me your postal address!


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