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We're into the thick of production, and best of all, with a complete cast! It was a little hair-raising; I found one lovely woman only to lose her to NY City Opera the next day, but in the end, Christina Paolucci joined us on her layoff from NY Theatre Ballet, another company in the city. She's got wonderful presence and I think she meshes well with the other women. She began with us on Monday and she's learned almost all of Scherzo Fantastique by now.

The men (Ryan Kelly and Abraham Miha) also began on Monday. That really felt like the beginning of production for me because their rehearsals the first long rehearsals of new choreography with the company (Peter's rehearsals usually feel somehow separate, partially because they're shorter and because they are one on one.) Like Midare, the men's duet (it has no title yet) began creation by me deciding what it wasn't. We make a few isolated ideas, and I step back from them and read them like a Rohrshach test. Where am I going with this and what doesn't fit in? I started the duet by having the men circle each other warily. It fit the music by Rameau perfectly, so perfectly it's been done at least 20 times already. I knew I didn't want to head down the path of least resistance. I then began to just make steps. What struck me was the beauty of both Ryan and Abe's line. I don't often get to work with two men with such clean beautiful lines. So the work has really become about showing that off. I often work in this paradoxical way, most of 1999's works were made this way, but most of the pieces from 2000 were not, so it feels foreign and risky. Today's rehearsal was more of the same. We had just finished the first movement, where the men move in a great oval around the stage, but they move in unison. I think I don't want them to touch until well into the dance, but when they do, I don't want it to be loaded. I've done gay works before, but it's not what I feel like saying this time. I want to have two men dancing together and for it to be nothing but two men dancing together. It would be nice to reclaim that possibility. But I want them to be able to touch each other. It's infinitely harder to keep that neutral and the challenge is interesting.

We also came within 30 seconds of finishing Peter's solo today, and should have it done tomorrow. It's a contrast to last year's work, a bit more virtuosic and more otherworldly than lyrical, but like Shropshire very atmospheric. It's only natural though. With a solo or even a duet, it's much harder to make designs in space or structure than it is to create a mood. I think people will enjoy it; we both seem pleased with it.


Have I aroused your curiosity about the works? As an incentive for generosity, You can see all the works in progress next Monday at a special fundraising event! We're having a special "sneak peek" rehearsal on Monday, 8/20 at 7:30 p.m. for Dance as Ever patrons. Peter will be performing the solo, we'll do excerpts from the other ballets and you'll get to meet the dancers at a small reception, all in an informal studio setting. We'd like attendees to make a donation of $50 (or if you'd like to give more, it is deeply appreciated!) at this fundraiser. It's an incredible treat to see a dancer like Peter in this sort of intimate setting, and a rare thing. If you'd like to come, email me for more details.


Want to help in ways besides writing a check? Here are things you can do to help Dance as Ever!


We need one or two people to help us set up before and clean up after the preview on August 20.


Can you help us get our postcard mailing out on either August 25 or 26?


We need these to make the Scherzo set. If you have any old picture frames or wood trim you want to get rid of and can get them into the city, email me!


We have a wonderful lighting designer, Jeff Salzberg, and a great videographer, Amy Reusch - but neither of them live in NYC! Can you help us find them a place to stay during production week? Both are quiet, well mannered, won't be around much and have had all their shots.



I've still got some tweaking to do on it, and the raffle and bazaar parts have a good deal of work to go on them, but check out the great auction items, from shawls and scarves to socks to an over the top jacket! http://members.aol.com/dnceasever/auction.htm for the auction page. We'll have the other parts fully up ASAP. And watch out, I've already received a bid on the black silk evening wrap!


I think I should have some sort of barometer for the state of the apartment.. We've passed "natural disaster" and gone to "epicenter of nuclear disaster". I'm noticing the fatigue from the long hours (My brain can usually handle three hours of new choreography daily before I lose it; I've been doing five) but there's been less wear and tear than I thought. I like these dancers a lot. The other benefit is that the subway rides between studios (Peter and I work in midtown, the main company works downtown) has produced bonus knitting time. I'm on the sleeve of the sweater I promised Abe for his birthday that was two months ago. Be quiet all of you, this is good comparatively!

Don’t' forget to visit our home page and please help support the company by clicking on the yellow "donate now" button. It takes you to helping.org, an Internet clearinghouse for charities. There's no cost at all, either to you or to us; we get 100% of your donation and you save a stamp.


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