DAE News April 13, 2001


Hi folks!

I might as well start with the big news I promised. Yesterday I received final confirmation that I was the recipient of a 2001 Guggenheim Fellowship for choreography. It's a big deal; previous recipients have been people like Merce Cunningham and Paul Taylor, and a bigger deal since I'm the first ballet choreographer to get it since the earliest date I could research (1992) and possibly a bit longer. This doesn't indicate an anti-ballet bias of the Foundation, but the award is geared to independent work, and that is much more rare in ballet than in other forms. The fellowship is a stipend to support my work over the next year; it's very generous. Of course, the reality is that the generosity covers our accumulated debt. Don't ever advise your offspring to go into ballet as a moneymaking proposition. My main goal at some point is to be able to do this for free, instead of having to pay for the privilege! I'm deeply honored to have received this award and for the foundation's support and encouragement. To learn more about them:



TAPES OF THE 2000 CONCERT, or The Ghost of Rosemary Woods


For those of you who sent in checks to get tapes, my apologies for the delay. On looking at the final edit of the concert (at 2:30 am, and five days after we had returned the rental equipment necessary to fix it) I sent an email to our editor, "Is it just on my copy or is there a 5 second gap in the last ballet?"


It was actually 11 seconds. For those of you in video production, avoid Matrox systems. We re-cut that segment two days ago and are making your dubs now.


If you would like tapes of our concerts (1996, 1999 or 2000), please send a check for $25 ($30 overseas, NTSC video) made out to "Dance as Ever, Inc." (NOT ME) to:


Att: Leigh Witchel

Dance as Ever, Inc.

36 West 44th Street, 707

New York, NY 10036




Along with the tape of the 2000 concert we have also completed a promotional tape containing excerpts from ballets made 1991-2000. If you're interested in either hiring me for to reset a work or make a new commission for your company, or in having Dance as Ever perform or be in residency locally, please write me for a copy.


I am also putting together a teaching partnership with one of my dancers, Mary Carpenter, for residencies that will cover ballet technique, partnering, choreography and learning some of my repertory. Besides knowing my work inside out, Mary is an established teacher in NYC and also one of the top fitters of pointe shoes and she will share her expertise with your students. We make a wonderful team, one that can offer specific and sensitive coaching to both female and male students, and we come with a Guggenheim Fellowship for added luster to your school's reputation. If your ballet school or college dance department would be interested, let me know.


Yes, I still do knitting workshops! Write me if you're interested in scheduling one in your area. And for those of you who would be curious to see Dance as Ever but can't get to NYC, have you considered writing to your local theater and recommending that they present us? I mention this because several people (all coincidentally in the San Diego area, which seems to have the highest concentration of non-local DAE fans) asked about this. I'm happy to cooperate and provide you or a presenter with any information you need.




I've had some interest in groups for both May 4 and June 9, but not enough confirmations to put us near the 20 needed for group rates. If you're interested, email me ASAP please!



More news soon! I promise a KnitList post ASAP. For those missing Phyllis Stein on April 1, I regret to inform you that Ms. Stein is currently in the Barbra Streisand Convalescence Home due to current governmental developments and arsenic contamination. We wish her all the best for a speedy recovery.


As ever!



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