DAE News March 20, 2001



Hi folks!

Spring is coming! Hereís whatís happening at Dance as Ever:




Iím having copies made right now. If you would like one, please send a check for $25 made out to "Dance as Ever, Inc." (NOT ME) to:


Att: Leigh Witchel

Dance as Ever, Inc.

36 West 44th Street, 707

New York, NY 10036




Donít know when the concert is yet, youíll know as soon as I do. Iím pretty sure I know what we are doing, though. The date, as I said in the last newsletter, will be sometime either in the fall of 2001 or January 2002 and wonít be finalized until the theater (Pace Downtown, where we have performed since 1996) knows its calendar. I have a repertory plan outlined that Iím very satisfied with. Itís on the lines of the 1999 and 2000 concerts and my goal is to provide a varied and entertaining evening. Weíll start with a lyric piece with Romantic era music (Berwald), a more contemporary and abstract male duet to Baroque (Rameau), a revival of 1996ís female quartet Word Become Flesh to medieval polyphony and the evening will close with a ballet to Stravinskyís neoclassical Symphony in C. Iím working with my set designer Matt Mohr again to provide an ingenious set for this; something the dancers will construct as the ballet progresses!


In the meanwhile what is the company up to? Grant writing. I donít think I want to look at another grant application for a while.




NYCB Spring season anyone? Two great programs are


Friday Night, May 4 - Divertimento No. 15 Balanchine-Mozart; Monumentum Pro Gesualdo/Movements for Piano and Orchestra Balanchine-Stravinsky; Duo Concertant Balanchine-Stravinsky and The Concert Robbins-Chopin. Top drawer repertory.


This best matinee is probably Saturday June 9 - Square Dance Balanchine-Vivaldi/Corelli; Polyphonia Wheeldon-Ligeti; Duo Concertant Balanchine-Stravinsky and Swan Lake Balanchine-Tchaikovsky


Iím happy to plan dinner as well. Do come, we have a great time on these. Newcomers are especially welcome. Tickets are $18.50 if we have a group of 20. Iíll get information up on my website as soon as I can, but send checks made the same way and to the same address as the video.






Itís spring! Time to learn new skills! Iím scheduling workshops again as a fundraiser for DAE. I have some interest in an absolute beginner class, a "first sweater" class and a "first sock" class and Iíd love to give my entrelac or "17 Stitches" workshop again. As soon as Iíve got sufficient interest (4-5 people) Iíll work to schedule a class. Information on workshops is at http://members.aol.com/dnceasever/classes.htm or email me for any information that isnít yet there.




Random tidbits that I hope are useful to you!


EMAIL HOAXES - At some point in February I think I got the "Save NPR/Nina Tottenberg" petition from at least 10 well meaning friends. Itís a worthy cause. The problem is the petition and the issues to which it refers are over five years old. If you see anything that says "Send this to everyone you know!" take the time to double-check it first. A good place to look for real virus warnings is http://www.symantec.com A place to check out other hoaxes is http://korova.com/virus/hoax_index.htm


Try them both before passing on that chain letter!


A NEW, NEW YORK SCAM - Someoneís now tried this one me three separate times so I thought Iíd warn people. Itís been different people each time, but always in a pair. Itís always happened at night, when I had luggage or was otherwise preoccupied and someplace relatively quiet. The two people will brush by you or behind you and pretend to collide with you and then drop a breakable object (twice a bottle, once glasses). They then come up to you and try and get you to "help them out". Being a cold hearted New Yorker, Iíve always said no. I didnít get the connection until after the second time, but I was always suspicious, because I knew I hadnít been in anyoneís path when these collisions would suddenly occur. They would head towards me. If someone comes up to you and accuses you of breaking something of theirs in circumstances you find suspicious, refuse to help them and walk away quickly. I saw the man with the glasses loitering in the same area the next night.


DID YOU KNOW? Now that Iíve given tips for the cynical, did you know that you can donate money to a worthy cause via credit card even if the charity doesnít take credit cards? Head over to http://www.helping.org. Through a program sponsored by AOL, donations can be made to any charity listed in their database (itís more than 600,000) via credit card and they will pass your entire donation on to the charity, taking no fees. I used it last year to give money to the George Balanchine Foundation, which has no credit card account. It took about three weeks for the foundation to get the money. Great for when the money isnít in your checking account yet. Yes, it works for Dance as Ever as well!




Right after the last newsletter, I went through a massive period of cleaning - bags of things got taken to shelters for the homeless, papers getting thrown out. It seemed as much internal as external; psychically preparing for spring. Of course, my apartment is a hellhole again. Like The Woman in the Dunes, sand is constantly creeping in no matter how much I shovel, but she was far more assiduous in her efforts. When it comes to cleaning, I surrender to entropy almost without a fight!


For those who had congratulated me about my nomination for the Alpert Award, Iím afraid I was not selected for it, but some wonderful things happened recently that more than made up for it. The biggest of them is going to have to wait until the next newsletter for a formal announcement. One thing I can announce officially is that I am an awardee in the JDAF, Inc. Choreography Competition. Thank you to their Board and judges for the honor.


Iíve been doing endless writing, mostly grants, but some articles. Upcoming articles include another Interpreters Archive report (this one about a variation recovered from 1936!) and an article on the Taylor season Iím writing right now. Both will appear in future issues of Dance View.


Iíll have bigger news for you quite shortly.

As ever!


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